Installing Laminated Floor

Laminate flooring services in Lincolnshire

Laminate flooring, like vinyl, has come a long way since the cheap, click together pine effect product we all remember form the 90’s. Laminate is now a genuine alternative to carpet and a more affordable option than LVT. Come to Alexanders to see for yourself!

At Alexanders The Carpet and Flooring Store, we’re incredibly proud to offer our wide range of laminate flooring, to give your property a sleek and polished look. Due to modern advances in technology, any style of flooring can be emulated with laminate, from Travertine tiles to classic wood. Laminate flooring is a brilliant, cost effective option for achieving your favourite designs and styles. 

Laminate flooring is another fantastic option to pick because it offers a simple and hassle-free installation, as well as providing a great finish to any room in your property. It’s a type of flooring that requires very little maintenance and can be offered to suit any budget, room or interior taste. Our laminate flooring range is incredibly diverse, so you’re sure to find a design that will catch your eye.


Room guide for laminate flooring


Like most of our flooring solutions, laminate flooring is great for when you want to easily deal with spillages. For family homes, with children, this type of flooring will certainly be a practical option for when meals and drinks get knocked on the floor.

Living room

Laminate flooring is also incredibly popular in living rooms, as there is such a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, that they’ll definitely be an option that will enhance your living room.


Laminate flooring can be a great option for your bedroom, especially if you’re a fan of mixing it up with rugs. It’s great for anyone who suffers with allergies as it ‘s not full of fibres like carpet and easily swept clean.

Dining area

Like the kitchen, laminate flooring can be great for the dining area, which is a common place for dropped meals and spilled drinks. The easy maintenance of laminate flooring makes it a practical and suitable addition to your dining area.

Laminate flooring finishes: oak, walnut, hickory, chestnut, stone, and slate

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