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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT are now a firm favourite in many homes and businesses. If you live in the Skegness area why not come to Alexanders and see what amazing designs and effects can be achieved with this durable, superior quality flooring option’

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At Alexanders The Carpet & Flooring Store, we offer our wide range of luxury vinyl tiles for both domestic and commercial properties. This form of flooring offers many fantastic features such as water resistance and slip resistance. It also offers a realistic look of wood and stone flooring, for those looking for new ways of transforming the appearance of their property. In addition to this, we also offer luxury vinyl tiles at fantastic prices. LVT is very hard-wearing, so you don’t have to worry about the tiles being damaged on a regular basis. However, if your tile does become damaged, it can easily be replaced without having to pull the whole floor up. Due to their water resistance, LVT are a great flooring solution for bathrooms as well. Customers won’t have to sacrifice style for practicality, as LVT come in many beautiful designs that will definitely catch your eye.

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A room guide for Luxury Vinyl Tiles:


Luxury vinyl tiles have always been a go-to choice for customers to use in their bathrooms. While vinyl is also a good choice, LVT can really elevate your bathroom to another level. One of the reasons they are popular in bathrooms is because they offer slip resistance, meaning that you and your loved ones can be safe and reassured while walking around in your bathroom.


Luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for the kitchen, utility room, hall and even conservatory. Not only incredibly durable and versatile, they come in a dizzying range of colours and finishes. Want a York stone floor in your kitchen but not the price tag? How about an oak parquet in the conservatory? Even if you don't have the budget for natural stone or solid wood, you can have the effect and we defy you to tell the difference visually!

Luxury Vinyl Tile effects:


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