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Carpet services in Skegness

At Alexanders The Carpet & Flooring Store we stock a fantastic range of carpets from budget options ideal for low footfall areas, buy to let properties and first time home owners, to luxury wool options designed to look amazing and last a lifetime.

A room guide for carpets

Whether you’ve already decided on a design or are eager to find a new one, our carpet specialists are more than happy to help you reach a final decision. Furthermore, our team is able to help you pick a carpet that is most suited to a specific area in your home. At Alexanders The Carpet and Flooring Store, we also supply and install laminate and vinyl flooring to cater for specific preferences.


Living Room

Carpets are a great addition to your living room space as they feel warm and soft under your feet. In terms of popularity, Saxony carpets are definitely one of the most commonly used styles. This is because they have a deeper and more luxurious pile. In regard to additional styles, loop carpets are also very popular amongst customers.


Like the living room, Saxony carpets are one of the best styles to go for in the bedroom as they are so soft under foot. If you’re interested in exploring other styles as well, then velvet carpets are another popular material that customers have loved over the years. They come in a variety of rich colours and textures that will really enhance the look of your bedroom.

Halls, Stairs & Landing Areas

These areas of your home receive a lot of traffic on a day-to-day basis. This is why they require a carpet that can withstand repeated footfall. Twist, plain and textured carpets that are made from polypropylene, polyamide or wool are very effective in these spaces because they offer a great combination of practicality and comfort.


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Nice modern room with grey carpet and blue sofa

Carpet Designs:

  • Patterned Carpet

  • Plain Carpet

  • Striped Carpet

Carpet Pile Length:

  • Deep Pile

  • Short Pile

Carpet Types:

  • Twist Carpets

  • Saxony

  • Loop Pill 

  • Berber 

  • Cut and Loop

  • Velvet 

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