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Vinyl flooring from Alexanders in Skegness

Vinyl has come a long way since the thin, unattractive product of the past and is now durable, great quality, comes in a great range of colours and designs and is ideal for just about any room in your home!

Light attractive vinyl on bathroom floor

 If you’re looking to add extra comfort and warmth into your home, then vinyl flooring is definitely the option that you’re looking for. Our team of highly-experienced flooring specialists are proud to offer advice for picking the most cost-effective options that will suit your budget and your home. Vinyl flooring, which is also known as lino or cushion flooring, works really well when paired with underfloor heating, which is a fantastic feature for those looking for new ways to heat their home. One of the reasons vinyl flooring is incredibly popular amongst clients is because it is a great choice when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It's hard-wearing features make this style an appropriate solution for busy family homes. 

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Room guide for vinyl flooring:


For bathrooms, vinyl is a very popular flooring solution as it is practical and resistant to general wear and tear. It also comes with numerous features such as easy maintenance and slip resistance. So get in touch today, to enquire about our vinyl flooring range.


Vinyl, along with LVT, is a practical option to choose, when deciding on what flooring to go with. For any spills or leaks that will, most definitely occur, they can be quickly mopped up with no residual staining. Meaning your flooring will stay looking great for longer.

Living Room

While the living room may not seem like the most obvious space to install vinyl flooring, carpet being the more traditional choice, it could be a fantastic area to use it in. Vinyl is a comfortable, thick and cushioned form of flooring that can also come in many exciting designs.

Vinyl flooring effects:

  • Wood

  • Plain

  • Patterned

  • Tile 

  • Stone 

  • Mosaic

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